Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ritual terms used in Adat Iban

Definition of some ritual terms used in Adat Iban 1993
(A.J.N. Richards’ 1981 Iban-English Dictionary has been used as a guide in the definitions of these ritual terms)

"Ngambi Tebalu" means performing a ritual cere-mony for the release of a widow or widower from the restriction or prohibition of widowhood or widower-hood. During the gathering the deceased's relatives shall declare in public, the appropriate ritual fees for the purpose in accordance with the social standing of the deceased. The fee is not less than 4 Mungkul but not more than 60 Mungkul.

"Ngayap" means a custom of courtship in a form of night visit by an unmarried man to an unmarried woman in the latter's room.

"Ngeragai" means to leave the house unroofed.

"Nujah Menua" or "Ngudi Menua" means to spoil the area by committing crime, like incest or gross indecency which will bring-calamity or disaster to the area.

"Nyadap" means extracting a bamboo shoot from its clump, or one or more pieces of banana from the bunch while the palm still stands.

"Nyakap" means to throw a challenge at someone by word or action to arouse ill-feeling.

"Nyelai" means lopping a bunch of banana while the palm still stands

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