Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tattoo..i never can get used to it.

Yesterday afternoon till late night,i said hello again to my old friend,the tattoo machine by Mickey Sharp.
Ernesto finished my 6th and 7th piece tattoo at one shot...the biggest tattoos i ever had on my skin.They are the traditional Iban masterpiece on my back..known as 'Ketam Belakang',direct translation is=Back Crab...symbol of protection and strenght.In the old days,they mix the ink with charm and special medicine to make their skin weapon proof/'enda empa besi'.

Its always a weird fear and nervous whenever i'm thinking about of getting a new tattoo.I wish i can have the privillege of getting it done in a traditional way,'betatuk'..which is less painful and heal faster.But who is going to assist Ernes?Not in this near future..maybe and day..:)
The night before the tattooing,i can't differenciate preparing myself or trying to delay the suffering..haha.But i always remind myself...people in the old days of my tribe gone through stuff worse and harder than this...they go to war and battled almost every tribe in Borneo and the islands nearby...they might get killed and never return to their family..'antara ke nyawa'...their life and the spiritual world just bordered by a thin wall just as thick as the eyes layer !
So..what am i facing?NOTHING...!

So..just do it and enjoy the pain theraphy..:)

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