Sunday, October 29, 2006


Embuas (pictured left) whose earthly manefestation is Banded Kingfisher - Lacedo Pulchella, is the son of Raja Taka. He is married to Endu Kechapang Dulang Mas, Iyak Ketupang Bunga Libas, the fifth daughter of Sengalang Burong. He is known for his weeping call sound, which is very important, when it is heard near the enemy territory. It indicates the weeping cry of the enemies in defeat. He came from a country, which is hollow, like the cover of a basong basket (di tanah lengkap, baka saap moa basong). Embuas is also nicknamed wave of feathered headress (Tipas Sibui Jabong) or Embuau (the weeping sound). Praise name (Ensumbar or Julok): A swift boat which passed a troop on the march (Bangkong Deras ke bejalai kebas-kebas ngelimpas moa bala) Special possession: Owns a randau malam creeper to tie up a house support and a group of meregang tree used for timber to construct a house ridge (ngembuan randau malam ambi ka tanggam tanchang sukong enggau madang kayu meregang tetak luntang lumpong ka parabong) By Gregory Nyanggau Mawar Uchu Sengalang Burong


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